...is a rogue-like survival game set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy hellscape. Explore a dynamic, randomly generated world where evils beyond imagination haunt your every footstep. Execute abominations and weave through insane encounters as you fight for what little remains of your broken world.

In development for the Playdate and Steamdeck.

Crank To Vanquish

Annihilate the scum of the wasteland with unique skill-based combat only possible on the Playdate. Press the attack and block vicious strikes using precise directional inputs in tandem with the built-in crank.

Brave The Wastes

Explore a variety of treacherous biomes, and prepare for encounters. From the depths of old sewers to the mountaintop cathedrals of an irradiated death cult, the world of Wastebraver is rife with danger and mystery.

Conquer Eternity

Bolster yourself against the perils of the wilderness with a wide range of equipment options, and sharpen your killer instincts again and again until the odds finally shift in your favor. Death is permanent, even for the mightiest of warriors.

Prepare for the wastes.
Learn more about the violent and cruel world of Wastebraver. Coming to Steam and Itch.io. Email notifications also available.